Easy United States Capital Quiz

1. The capital of Montana is __________.
a. Helena
b. Montpelier
c. Albany
d. Austin

2. The capital of California is ___________.
a. Carson City
b. Bismarck
c. Augusta
d. Sacramento

3. Santa Fe is the capital of ____________.
a. North Dakota
b. Maine
c. New Mexico
d. New York

4. Pierre and Bismarck are the capitals of _________ and __________ respectively.
a. North and South Carolina
b. South and North Dakota
c. Virginia and West Virginia
d. New York and New Hampshire

5. The capital of Idaho is ___________.
a. Boise
b. Frankfort
c. St. Paul
d. Lansing

6. The capital of Maine is ____________.
a. Columbus
b. Albany
c. Augusta
d. Jackson