Lesson Plans

Whether you are wanting to learn or teach world geography or simply the country's geography there is a lot of ground to cover. To help you accomplish your task a lesson plan can be a great help. We have included some helpful lesson plans to help you outline how to go about covering the subject of geography. Do not forget that lesson plans can incorporate geography games to help students obtain the information.

If you are wanting to focus solely on the United States begin with a brief history of the United States. This will help introduce the concept that not all states were established at the same time and in general familiarize students with different significant terms. Next begin to introduce all 50 states. Offer a list of the 50 states for the students to review and familiarize themselves with.

Once the class is comfortable with the 50 states introduce the concept of capitals. A list of the 50 states with capitals will be useful to offer at this point. Now that that bare minimum has been discussed about each state have each of the student pick one to two states to do a review on. Ideally the whole class present a report about every state, thus everyone can learn about each one during the presentation process. With United States geography under their belt, students will be able to grasp the concepts of World Geography much easier.

When learning about world geography you can introduce the seven continents first. Around this time you can also introduce the five oceans. Then you can spend more time on each continent, introducing the different countries, their capitals, the geographical features, and climates of the regions. Eventually you will have covered all seven continents and a plethora information about each one of them.

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