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Learn World Features with Games

It is no surprise that learning world features can be incredibly intimidating. With such a vast amount of ground to cover, learning such a vast amount can be difficult. However, honestly it is not as difficult as many would think. Also, using geography games to become more familiar with world features will reduce this difficulty and make learning them much more fun.

To learn popular geographical features of world, you must understand the type of features that you will be dealing with. Common geographical features include large mountain ranges, long rivers, and large volcanoes, lakes, deserts, and rain forests. Many that appear on test and quizzes are ones that are popular enough that they are often common knowledge, such as the Amazon Rain Forest or the Rocky Mountains. Study a map and a list of the features to familiarize yourself with the know common ones and where they are located. Once you start to memorize them you can begin to play games to fully learn them.

Once you feel that you that you know at least a general idea of where some of the geological features are on the map printout below, print out the blank would features map printout and test yourself. Label the rivers, mountain ranges, volcanoes, lakes, rain forests, and other geographical features on the map. By having a list of the features, you can familiarize yourself with their names and through trial and error learn their location by labeling. As you become more familiar with all of the features you start to label everything correctly. At this point to add some challenge to the game you can print out a blank world map, and in addition to labeling the geographical features you can draw them in.

Try studying specific features at first, such as all of the mountain ranges or all of the deserts. You can also study them region to lighten the initial amount of different features that you have to keep track of, which will make learning them more fun. In addition to labeling and filling out a map of features you can also quiz yourself on locations. Compile multiple choice questions quizzes that cover the names and locations of the geographical features that you are studying. Eventually, you can complete a master quiz that involves a question for each geographical feature you have studied.

United States Features Map

World Features List

African Rain
The Alps
Amazon Rain Forest
Amazon River
Andes Mountains
Appalachian Mountains
Aral Sea
Caspian Sea
Congo River
Danube River
Ganges River
Gobi Desert
Great Barrier Reef
Great Bear Lake
Great Lakes
Great Sandy/Victoria Desert
Great Slave Lake
Huang Ho River
Lake Baikal
Lake Titicaca
Lake Victoria
Mackenzie River
Mekong River
Mississippi River
Mt. Fuji
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Niger River
Nile River
Ob River
Paraná/Rio de la Plata Rivers
Pyrenees Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Sahara Desert
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Ural Mountains
Volga River
Yangtze River
Yenisei River

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