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Learn World Continents with Games

Learning the world continents is quite easy when compared to learning all of the states, capitals, or countries. However, having a game to play to learn the continents can make learning them a lot more enjoyable.

Since there are only 7 continents in the world it is not too difficult memorizing them or even memorizing where they are. This will save you time on notes, flash cards, and quizzes. However, flash cards and quizzes about the seven continents can still be a lot of fun. By studying the different continents you will quickly be able to distinguish where Europe ends and Asia begins and recognize the differences between the shape of South America and Africa. Coloring pictures of the continents is a great way to learn their names and shapes as well. Completing a world puzzle is also great for the same reason.

There are a couple of different games that you can play using a globe or ball that has the world on it. Spin the globe or ball around and then place your finger randomly on one of the countries then quiz yourself on what continent you are in. This game can be played with an atlas as well. Simply turn the pages of the atlas and then randomly point at an area of one the pages. If you find that while playing this game the answer is too easily revealed when you go to look at where your finger is pointing, then consider playing it with another person. After placing your finger have the other person look and tell you the country that you have pointed out, such as “you are pointing at Spain,” and you can reply “Europe.”

The continents are large enough that they make for great cut and paste games. Print a picture of all of the continents. Cut them out and then use a blank piece of paper to glue them on in the area they would be in the map. You can make the game a little easier by drawing the equator first, which runs through the mid top of South America, passing through Ecuador and Brazil, just above the midpoint of Africa, passing through Kenya and Somalia, and passing through Indonesia. If you want to make the game more challenging then you can choose to not to include the equator. This game will get you familiar with the shape and placement of the continents.

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