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Learn United States Shapes with Games

Learning the 50 United States shapes sounds impossible but the more you become familiar with each individual state the easier it is to remember their shapes. At first some states are more recognizable than others but as you practice learning them eventually all of them will be recognizable.

You can use blank images of the state shapes to become more familiar with them. Add them to flash cards and test yourself or your child on how well you do. The more you practice with the cards the better you will do. Consider making matching cards of the states shapes. This way you can play memory with yourself or your child and become more familiar with the different shapes. You can design a story that goes with each of the shape, such as Nevada has the letter V as its left middle letter and has a V-like slant on its left side.

You can even use a puzzle to become more familiar with the United States shapes. There are a variety of puzzles available, ranging in both design and size. Some geography puzzles of the United States have pieces of the larger states that are the same shape has the states. These will be best for memorizing the state shapes but even a geography puzzle with traditional puzzle pieces will be good. Geography puzzles can take up as much room as a small puzzle or a section of the floor. Using both will help you learn the shapes of the states.

Coloring in the shapes will also help with memorizing the United States shapes. Click on the pictures below to go to a page where you can print them out.

Blank Map
Map with Abbreviations
Map with State Names
Blank United States Map
United States with Abbrivations
United States with Names

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