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Learn United States Features with Games

With 50 states it is no wonder that the United States of America is full of numerous features. The lists of what is considered to me most famous varies and depending on what you like to focus will determine what you need to know.

The geographical features of the United States include mountain, rivers, volcanoes, lakes, seas, and deserts. We have included a list of some of the most popular United States features on the right of this page and a map of them at the bottom. There are a number of games that you can play by yourself, with your child, or with another classmate. If you are studying for a test ask your teacher which features they value to be the most important and work on memorizing them first.

No matter the specific features that you are trying to learn, consider getting a print out of a blank United States map as a fun way to memorize them. Then draw on the map where you believe the features to be. A way to improve in this game is of course to practice but to also make notes about the different features. Such notes might include things like "the Cascade Range run down the middle of Washington and Oregon" or "the Ohio River runs underneath Ohio state." This game will get more fun and more challenging if you do not use your notes.

United States Features Map

USA Feautures List

Alaska Range
Appalachian Mountains
Arkansas River
Bering Sea
Brooks Range
Cascade Range
Colorado River
Columbia River
Death Valley
Gulf of Alaska
Gulf of Mexico
Great Plains
Great Salt Lake
Hudson River
Lake Erie
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Lake Ontario
Lake Superior
Mauna Loa
Mississippi River
Missouri River
Mojave Desert
Mount St. Helens
Ohio River
Olympic Mountains
Ozark Mountains
Platte River
Red River
Rio Grande
Rocky Mountains
Salton Sea
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Yellowstone National Park
Yukon River

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