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Learn United States Capitals with Games

Any time that you are required to learn and memorize 50 different things it can be intimidating. Learning the 50 United States capitals can be easier than you might think. There are several different games that you or your children can do to learn the state capitals.

To familiarize yourself with the state capitals it is a good idea to review a list and map of them. By reading the list of capitals over and over they will be easier to memorize. If you still find difficulty after reading the list then try focusing on one section, such as all of the states in the first 10 letters of the alphabet, or all of the states in the Pacific Northwest. By learning the capitals in sections you might be able to pick them up quicker.

No matter the number of capitals that you try to memorize at a time you can make a story up for each state to help you remember. This can be something as simple as "when I was in Arkansas I saw a little rock." You can also consider making up something to remember by rhyming the capital in the story, such as "it was noise in Idaho." Some more fun ones might include, "when I saw saint Paul I gave him a mini-soda" and "you tall standing in the salt lake." This can be a game all on its own, thinking of fun and clever things that relate states to their capitals.

Another game that you can play to memorize the capitals of the United States, is to make flash cards. Quiz yourself or someone over and over again. Eventually the information on the cards will start to be remembered. If you have enough note cards (50 cut in half) you can make matching cards with the name of the state and its capital. This way you can play memory while studying the capitals of the states. You could also put the shape of the state if you wanted and be studying that as well during the memory game.

United States Capitals Map

States Capitals List

Alabama: Montgomery
Alaska: Juneau
Arizona: Phoenix
Arkansas: Little Rock
California: Sacramento
Colorado: Denver
Connecticut: Hartford
Delaware: Dover
Florida: Tallahassee
Georgia: Atlanta
Hawaii: Honolulu
Idaho: Boise
Illinois: Springfield
Indiana: Indianapolis
Iowa: Des Moines
Kansas: Topeka
Kentucky: Frankfort
Louisiana: Baton Rouge
Maine: Augusta
Maryland: Annapolis
Massachusetts: Boston
Michigan: Lansing
Minnesota: St. Paul
Mississippi: Jackson
Missouri: Jefferson City
Montana: Helena
Nebraska: Lincoln
Nevada: Carson City
New Hampshire: Concord
New Jersey: Trenton
New Mexico: Santa Fe
New York: Albany
North Carolina: Raleigh
North Dakota: Bismarck
Ohio: Columbus
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City
Oregon: Salem
Pennsylvania: Harrisburg
Rhode Island: Providence
South Carolina: Columbia
South Dakota: Pierre
Tennessee: Nashville
Texas: Austin
Utah: Salt Lake City
Vermont: Montpelier
Virginia: Richmond
Washington: Olympia
West Virginia: Charleston
Wisconsin: Madison
Wyoming: Cheyenne

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