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Geography Maps

Studying geography maps is a great way to review what you know about geography or expand your knowledge on it. We have provided several different United States and World Maps to help you study and enjoy geography. Use the these free printout maps to brush up on your geography or incorporate them in geography games.

Below you can find different maps, including a blank world map and several United States maps, one with the abbreviations, one with capitals, one with features, and one with the names of the states. The blank United States map that can be used to fill out an United States names and abbreviations. The one on the right, which includes each state's abbreviation, can help you memorize the abbreviation of each state. The one on the left can be used to quiz yourself or your child on the ability to remember where each state is. Click on the pictures below to be taken to a page where you can print them out.

These two print out sheets are great for learning the capitals. You can use them to become more familiar with where each state capital is as well as the state's shape. Also, memorizing the the names of the state capitals can be accomplished by studying the map on the left, and quizzing yourself or other others of the name of each capital with the map on the right. The blank United States map also works great for quizzing yourself or others on the location and names of the state capitals.

Learning the features of the United States is a great way to find out some interesting things about the land and discover interesting places that you can visit. There are countless features around the country but some of the most significant one can be found on the print out on the left. The print out on the right makes for an excellent way to test yourself on the different names of the significant features and where they can be found. If you are up for the challenge, do the same with the world features map printout.

It can also be handy to have printouts when you are learning the world continents and world oceans. Consider printing out the one below to keep as a quick reference in a school folder or binder, or to display in the classroom or study area of your home. Just like you can with the other maps, you can use a blank world map to quiz yourself on what all of the continents are and where the world oceans are located. You can save paper and just print out one blank world make and quiz yourself on both topics on the same blank printout.

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