The World GEO Puzzle is a great puzzle to help kids and adults learn the names and shapes of countries. Many pieces are shaped exactly like individual countries, such as the United States, Brazil, Mongolia, China and Australia. Other pieces consist of multiple countries. All pieces are labeled with the countries names. A map key is included to name countries that are too small to fit their names.
The puzzle is described as Jumbo Size at 26" x 12.5" but fits nicely on small coffee tables making it easy to put together over time. There are 68 pieces so it can be completed fairly quickly. The puzzle can be used as a learning tool for world geography. You can test your knowledge by seeing how fast you can complete the puzzle. The more familiar you are with the countries of the world the quicker you will complete the puzzle.
World GEO Puzzle Pieces
The puzzle is recommended for ages 4 and up, well technically it is suggested for ages 4 to 104 or at least that is what the box says. Some of the pieces are quite small and may be difficult for younger kids to put together. For safety reasons the puzzle should not be given to children who may put the pieces in their mouths. It has held up for many years but pieces can become damaged if they are severely bent or chewed on.
World GEO Puzzles Pieces 2
This puzzle is an optimal gift for any young fan of geography. Not unlike other products from this brand the World GEO Puzzle has many awards. It won the Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine and Nappa Honors from the National Parenting Publications Awards. It has also been given an award from Dr. Toy and Fat Brain. The puzzle is manufactured in Germany and made from recycled materials.
World GEO Puzzle

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